SGF® – Professional thread forming in direct connections

clearance – proven – metric

In brief

Schriever SGF® – the trilobular thread-forming tapping screw. These allows connection in cylindrical bores and casted bores. These metric screws are are designed for applications without a female thread.

 SGF® advantages

  • hight degree of economic efficiency by thread forming and inserting the screw in a single operation
  • no contamination of the assembly
  • savings in additional nuts, washers etc.
  • less disposition expenses for required parts
  • low installation costs
  • no disturbance of grain flow in the component, therefore material solidification
  • increased loose resist by using screw connections without “play”

The special part about it…

... Corrosion protection

Our screws can be made with all commercially available corrosion protection surfaces. For details, please refer to our brochure on corrosion protection which you can download here.

Offer concept S-connection.

  • Individually produced for you
  • Available from a minimum quantity of 10,000
  • Already available from four weeks on

Our service for you

Experten & Labor

Our experts are there to assist you to ensure that the Schriever SGF® is used optimally for your specific application.

At our technical laboratory,  we optimize your joint applications and develop design recommendations. You will then receive technical documentation from us.

Ordering example:
SGF® of nominal diameter = 3,0 mm · Length = 12 mm · full thread-head = KN 8039 · Hexalobular drive size 10 and grooving tip = chamfer KN 8039 SGF® AM 3×12 – T10 – FA