SLS® – Your strong partner for light metal

Asymmetrical – vibration-resistant -resilient

In brief

The SLS® screw represents another piece of innovation from our company. It is ideal for components made of light metal and technical plastics with high reinforcement proportions of more than 30%.

SLS® advantages

  • High torsion security
  • Good vibration resistance
  • No chip formation
  • Improved assembly characteristics
  • Easy multiple mounting
  • High level of tightening strength
  • No risk jamming due to the optimum core geometry
  • Low screw-in torques and high overtorques

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At a glance – comparison between WN and KN | 100% compatible

Schriever KN SLS®WN PT DG

Rates for the same application area and uses.

The special part about it…

... the asymmetry of the thread

  • The load flank angle of 30° allows large tightening and loosening torques, due to the enlarged thread friction force
  • Low deformation sections ensure small insertion torques
  • The optimum core geometry creates space for deformed material
  • Even at the beginning of assembly, optimum positioning is made possible due to the special tap geometry

... Corrosion protection

Our screws can be made with all commercially available corrosion protection surfaces. For details, please refer to our brochure on corrosion protection which you can download here.

Offer concept S-connection

  • Individually produced for you
  • Available from a minimum quantity of 10,000
  • Already available from four weeks on

Our service for you

Experts & laboratory

Our experts are there to assist you to ensure that the Schriever SLS®plus SN is used optimally for your specific application.

At our testing laboratory, we optimize your joint applications and develop design recommendations. You will then receive technical documentation from us.

Order example:
SLS® with nominal diameter = 3.0 mm • length = 12.0 mm • head = KN 3032 • drive = Pozi drive = SLS 30 x 12 KN 3032-Z